AJ Bailey Not Your Average Porn Girl!

YNOT: President Obama is tackling health care right now, and he has critics on both sides of the political spectrum in terms of how he’s handling the issue. Progressives are frustrated with his lack of public engagement on the issue, and soft stance on public insurance options, while conservatives are arguing that the government shouldn’t extend its hand in what has traditionally been a private industry in America. What’s your position on this issue, and do you think a public insurance option would be a positive development for independent performers in the adult entertainment business?

AJ Bailey: I think a public option in theory is great, but I think that insurance companies are so financially invested in our political system that I don’t know if we will ever see real change. I have been uninsured since I completed school, and it’s not fun. I think the whole debate is very frustrating. I feel that all of the people with their panties in a knot about a public option or even government-subsidized healthcare are the insured. I loved health care in the UK and think it is the smartest solution, personally. In terms of the adult industry, we do have our own little healthcare system called Adult Industry Medicine that has been instrumental in assisting the industry in sexual health. I don’t know how important health care is to a majority of the performers as they tend to be young, healthy, and without families of their own yet.

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